The world to us

ME:US wants to shed new light on the current situation regarding entrepreneurs with a migration background in Belgium. We do this by writing down the stories of some entrepreneurs with a migration background in a motivational planner. By interviewing them and giving them the opportunity to get their message across, we hope to inspire, motivate and make people aware of the added value that migration can offer.


Overzicht planner

Guide to follow up and achieve objectives


Goal tracker


Calendar, to-do lists & calendar

Success stories of entrepreneurs with a migration background

"The key to succes is to focus on goals, not obstacles"


Motivational quotes

Periodic self-reflection


Leuke notitieboeken

What we have to offer?

 The ME:US planner

Thanks to the ME:US planner you can efficiently combine your professional and personal agenda.

It is a motivating planner that helps you to achieve the short and long term goals you set for yourself.

The planner guides you to become the best version of yourself by stimulating you daily to take action both personally and professionally.

The planner also features stories from entrepreneurs with a migration background who, despite difficult circumstances, have grown into successful entrepreneurs & motivating quotes that will give you extra motivation to achieve your own goals.